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#174 — AppleSoft Basic Fractal Tree

Take a trip back in time and let's learn all about GR (graphics) and HGR (high resolution graphics) in AppleSoft BASIC on a restored Apple II+ computer! Can we render a fractal tree?

sep 12, 2022

AppleSoft Basic Fractal Tree

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solar system

In the second part of this coding challenge, using Processing, I take the code from the 2D Solar System and turn it three-dimensional.

Solar System (3D)

In part 3 of this coding challenge, using Processing, I add textures to the 3D objects created in part 2. The PShape class and createShape() functions are covered.

Solar System (3D) with textures

In this viewer submitted coding challenge, I make a 2D Solar System Generator in Processing.

Solar System (2D)