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Below you’ll find answers to questions we frequently get asked relating to The Coding Train. Don’t see your question? Email help@codingtrain.com!

Getting started

I want to learn coding, where do I start?

I watched a video, how do I find the code for it?

Where can I find help with my code?

How can I share my work with the community in the Passenger Showcase?

Where and when do you live stream? Can I get a notification?

About The Coding Train

I want to learn more about Dan Shiffman!

How do I suggest a topic for a Coding Challenge or Track?

Where can I download the Coding Train wallpapers?

How can I contribute to The Coding Train?

How can I support The Coding Train?

Who works on the Coding Train?

Can I work for the Coding Train?


What coding language are you using?

What programming software and/or code editor do you use?

How do you live stream and record your videos?



Side Tracks


Passenger Showcase

Cafe Car